Using Social Media in Business

Steve Moyle Web Design uses the power of the social networking trends to help promote your business, organisation or club.
Social Media (Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg) can work very well in the business environment, but only when done properly. We have the knowledge and experience in Social Media to transform any business.

Social media marketing is necessary. If you want to reach your market, you need to be using social media. Three-quarters of Americans now use social media. Social media is growing three times faster than the Internet overall.

Keep your eyes on the overall goal. The overall goal is to generate sales, increase interest in product and services, increase brand recognition, and create fanatics about your company.

Go where your customers are. People have different preferences where they want to receive messages: Some prefer e-mail, some Facebook, some Twitter, some prefer other channels. You need to send your message where different people in your market want it, not insist they come to you.

Social Media Marketing is very important if you want to connect to your customers. Contact us today so that we can help you.

Want to learn how to use Social Media for yourself?

There is a right way and a wrong way to use Social Media in business, we'll show you what the right way is.

Using Social Media

If you or your employees need to know the secrets of successful Social Media in the business environment, we train you to use Social Media more productively and help you gain more followers.
We charge £40 per hour for on site tuition.